Are you coming out?

And thinking about divorce?

Or divorcing?

Or just finished the process?

We get it…



Are you in the process of considering sexuality for the first time? Are you thinking "Maybe I am not straight?" Have you identified as bisexual for a long time and now you are ready to explore further? Do you have a lot of questions? Are you not sure who to turn to or who to ask? Are you surrounded with straight friends and family, who may give sometimes heartfelt, but not-so-helpful advice?

We got you!

And having divorce support when coming out later in life is super important because it helps you handle a lot of big changes all at once. It’s not just about ending a marriage; it’s also about dealing with how your family, friends, and even society react to your new identity. Professional support can make the whole process less overwhelming, providing advice and a safe space to talk things through. This way, you can move forward with more confidence and less stress, knowing you're not alone in this big transition.

We got you!

Anne-Marie Zanzal and Barb Rowlandson are the coming out/divorce support coaches from Lotus Group Coaching. We have been there and done that. We both came out after years of marriage and kid, we went through painful divorces, and identify as lesbian and Queer.

We will help you navigate all the questions and concerns about embracing your sexuality and divorce in a three day FREE educational course.



***we help folks 20+ to well over 70!

Why come to this educational event?

Anne-Marie Zanzal and Barb Rowlandson are the coming out coaches from Lotus Group Coaching. We have been there and done that. We both came out after years of marriage and kids. Both Anne-Marie and Barb identify as lesbian and Queer.

Anne-Marie Zanzal started to coach the later in life community in 2018. Three years later, Barb joined the Anne-Marie Zanzal Coaching team. Together they have helped hundreds of women in the program and thousands of women online with content about coming out later in life. You'll find a wealth of information about coming out later in life in Anne-Marie's podcast, Coming Out & Beyond and website, Together, Anne-Marie and Barb help women one-on-one and in a group setting in the Lotus Group Coaching program.

Is this really free?

Yep, totally free. Anne-Marie Zanzal is a coming out/divorce support coach and she will share the details of her group coaching inside the workshop, but there is absolutely no obligation to buy. This information is yours for the taking, so go get it!

I am out only to my self. How will you protect my privacy?

We understand and respect your need for privacy. There are two parts to this educations series: a private Facebook group and Zoom broadcasts. The secret group on Facebook that cannot be found unless you know Barb Rowlandson or Anne-Marie – it is completely invisible to your Friends list. This is for you to have a community and meet others who are on a similar journey to yours. BUT if you are not ready to join a Facebook group, that's ok! The three day workshop will be offered on Zoom. We will help you set your privacy settings for Zoom when we are close to the event, so you can come to this event without even Anne-Marie of Barb knowing your identity. All it takes is your email address or cell phone number.

What will you talk about in the workshop?

On each day of the workshop, we'll host a one-hour Zoom session focusing on areas of concern for folks in our community:

> Maybe I am not straight? How do I know for sure?

> Rethinking divorce as we come out No, you are not destroying your family!

> Queer Joy! How to find community in your backyard.










Listen to

Coming Out & Beyond

Sharing the coming out stories of the LGBTQIA+ community and so much more!

A great place to start in this journey is to hear other women's story of their realizations and their personal coming out stories. Season one and two are a great place start! Click the image on the right to watch on YouTube (you'll also find this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts).

We have helped thousands of women on their

later in life coming out journey



We are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. We have curated thousands of posts and blog articles to help women coming out.

Free Secret Facebook Groups

We have two Facebook groups that build community for LGBTQ women. One is secret (reach out to Anne-Marie or Barb if you would like to join) the other is Later In Life LGBTQIA+ Support and Forum, a public group.


Anne-Marie is the host of Coming Out & Beyond: LGBTQIA+ Stories. Here is where you'll find inspirational true stories of others who have made this journey before you. You will almost certainly see and hear things about yourself in these episodes. Watch on YouTube and listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, or at

Group Coaching

Group coaching is how Anne-Marie and Barb help women and non-binary persons directly in their coming out journey. Weekly group sessions are paired with one-on-one coaching to maximize the benefits of coaching and to give our participants the best results. Group members see themselves reflected in others' journeys, gaining clarity they need to move forward.



No woman is an island – you should not have to navigate difficult life changes alone! We build community for later-in-lifers for you to build friendships, to learn and grow from each other. Friend request Anne-Marie to join her secret Facebook group.


Anne-Marie Zanzal is an ordained minister with Master of Divinity degree from the Yale. She is an expert in helping others understand their religious conditioning, and to reframe their perspective on what it means to be gay with God/Creator/the Universe and Faith.


Experiencing a catalyst relationship (a catalyst is a person who makes you realize that you may not be straight ) can be both an exciting and devastating experience. Barb is an expert on catalyst relationships, and can help you understand what you're going through – especially if you're struggling to recover from a breakup.

1 on 1 Coaching

Anne-Marie and Barb offer 1-on-1 coaching in the Lotus Group Coaching program. This helps us really get to know our participants, and accelerates results.


Group coaching is at the heart of our program and where the magic happens! In group sessions, participants see elements of their journey reflected in others, helping them to gain clarity. It is also where lasting friendships with other later-in-lifers are made!


Although most people join us because they are coming out, more than half of our work with clients focuses on navigating all the ups and downs of divorce.

Our Team

Anne-Marie Zanzal, M.Div

Anne-Marie Zanzal is a leader in the later in life community. When she came out there were very few resources for this experience. Anne-Marie is an ordained minister, clinically trained chaplain, and graduate of Yale Divinity School. She is a certified grief counselor who spent years working in hospice care. She recognized that when women come out later-in-life they often experience grief and many other emotions. Recognizing the gap in services for this community, she began coaching other women who were coming out, and formed Lotus Group Coaching. Anne-Marie has been featured in numerous podcasts, articles, programs and her story was a feature article in Oprah magazine. Today, she lives happily in Nashville, TN, with her wife, Tonda and their adorable pup, Theo.

Barb Rowlandson

Barbara Rowlandson was 45 years old when she awakened to her authentic sexuality. Barb fell in love with a close friend who became her catalyst. Her experience helped her understand why love, sex, and relationships with men never felt like a good fit. The end of this relationship was devastating, and she entered a period where she was homeless, jobless and extremely sick. Since then, she has picked up her life, piece by piece, become her own independent woman and learned to embrace life on her own terms. She has since dated and had other lesbian relationships, and helps others step out into the world of lesbian dating.. Barb's career as an online content strategist and manager has now taken a pivot to coaching, and she is currently earning her Master's of Counseling Psychology so she can better serve the later-in-life community.


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